Making a difference, one lunch at a time.

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Sophie's Story

Sophie Beck has plied her trade in some of the world’s most famous kitchens, like London’s River Café. And worked alongside some of New Zealand’s leading food brands, such as Little and Friday, where she co-authored their latest cookbook!

But Sophie Beck was searching for something more. And found it in the rural setting of Cambridge and the school kids that live there...

The spark for Your Lunch Box came amid the chaos of a school day morning at her brother’s house. Visiting Sophie saw the lunch making mission unfold. “Mmmm….I think I could do something about that!’

So this top Kiwi chef turned her hand to school day lunches. Harnessing her lifelong passion for food, with a motivation to help people.

Tasty, wholesome lunches that kids love to eat and parents love her to make.

Nutritious, full of variety and packed with little snacks for morning and afternoon tea too - they're the perfect way to help a kid get through the day.

And needless to say, Your Lunch Box lunches tastes great. Which means happy, healthy kids that are in the right frame of mind for learning.

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"I truly believe that simple fresh and seasonal is the best approach to great satisfying food, I want to bring that to school lunches, and make it easy for families to get kids off to school with a healthy lunch that they look forward to"

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Why your lunch box?

Delivered Every Day

School is 5 days a week, so we make lunches 5 days a week.

Just like mum used to make

Each lunch is made fresh each morning with love and care.

It's easy

Our website makes ordering really really easy.

Healthy options

We cater to vegetarian and gluten free requirements.

Ongoing subscription

No need to reorder each week, simply set and forget.

Fuel for the whole day

Not just lunch, but morning and afternoon snacks too.

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